O L D   H A B I T S   D I E   H A R D
We love what we love and we love it that way.

It’s not so easy just to change our lives in a day.
As humans we like things to be predictable so we can plan ahead. We get used to our daily routines.
Our patterns and cycles of behavior and activity keep us occupied with the things we enjoy.
Listening to music or watching your favorite show
It’s hard to break out of these cycles
To change what we enjoy

We like to hold those we love close to us and watch our children grow
And we can still do that

But we have to change

We as humans are habitual creatures.

It's easier if you take it
one thing
one day at a time

Each of us have to find it in our selves to have strength and hope to make our dreams come true and to let our children run free with the knowledge that they will have bright futures and that they don't have to worry about having home for their children one day.
Lets teach them as we learn how to live
    with the earth…      and not just on it...

Think a little outside the box…
Because that is exactly how  we are going to have to think to change anything in this world.
Whether it's carbon, methane or microwaves.
What's most important is that we give it all we have

How do we change?

We can start by listening


A D V A N C E   S C I E N C E