Ice Age Cycles
A level head is only as good as an open mind

The main argument that is given for the Ice Age Cycle as a cause for global rise in temperature is that our planet naturally goes through phases of heating and cooling. If calculations are correct we are actualy coming out of a little ice age at a low point on the graph and should be moving toward a warming period.

The main argument against this theory comes from the many scientists that notice that the global temperature is rising at an alarming rate and that the natural cycle is far more gradual than this.

Global Warming Theories
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How do the theories Compare?
However it must be noted that many of the scientists who argue against this theory are with the IPCC consensus on CO2. The IPCC originally based their projections on the infamous "hockey" stick graph which didn't account for the Medieval Warming period and were based on debated climate data.
The projections that include
this period make global warming
appear less urgent, yet if
humankind is altering the
climate the danger is no less!            

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