Global Temperature Anomalies 
Unregulated Ozone Depletion
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What can we do about global climate change? Although the IPCC is pushing forward major policy changes that will cost billions of dollars that may do no good, there are a host of experiments that we can carry out to gauge the effects that radio pollution have on the environment.
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3 Towers of NO2 - NO2 Observations from NASA OMI satellite
In a recent discovery I happened to notice an NO2 signature in the vacinity of 3 broadcast towers in little Walnut California! I wondered how a perfectly round spot of NO2 could form outside of the city and realized that if it was a broadcast towers radio pollution causing the signature, then it would have to be away from conventional NO2 sources. ...read more
A Revolutionary Perspective on Climate Change
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Is climate change real ?
Dear Colleagues, 

The Swedish Institute of Space Physics have already proven that radio waves stimulate a known ozone depletion mechanism and warned that global broadcast is a major public concern. 
Broadcast Theory reveals that there is indeed a connection between our historic use of broadcast frequencies and the global climate. 

The United States plans to "Own the weather by 2025" and to do this we are going to have to understand the role broadcast plays in our global ecosystem, society and the scientific community, which is going to have to deal with the implications this technology has on our green economy. 

Please consider this opportunity and be a part of what may be one of the greatest discoveries of our time. 

With great kindness, Ethan Clark
The Tall Tower Report - 3 Broadcast Towers create NO2 signature in California                 
Top 10 reasons to consider Broadcast over CO2 as the main driver for climate change

1.We have no proof for CO2 or CFC’s, these are theories that weakened in the last decade, but we have proof that radio waves stimulate a known ozone depletion mechanism and we can test it again and again.   ...read more
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Demeter Micro-Satellite 
Swedish Institute for Space Physics
The processes in this transition region connect the solar and magnetospheric effects with the atmospheric response which, in fact, determine space weather in the Earth’s environment. This region is also the part of the Earth’s atmosphere where electromagnetic radiation from natural sources such as lightnings, and artificial sources such as radio, TV and radar transmitters, exhibit resonance and other interaction phenomena. The impact of these natural and man-made effects on the Earth’s space environment are of major public concern.”                
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Broadcast radio waves can contribute to climate change in 3 ways

 1   Direct heating :    A specific frequency in the AM broadcast band (1.45MHz) heats the 
                                         ionosphere and causes electron precipitation
 2   Ozone Depletion :   Broadcast induced electron showers increase lightning & produce                                               NO2 in the polar & equatorial region depleting ozone as much                                                     as CFC's or solar proton events, yet more constantly

 3   CO2:    The power used by transmitters generate air pollution  
                                Although CO2 has not been proven to cause climate change
Predicted Ozone Anomoly really happens!
Whitehaven, Cambria UK : October 17th 2007  Digital switched ON 
Predicted ozone anomaly occurred as analog broadcast switched to digital! The beginning of UKs  switch from analog to digital broadcast caused plasma waves to travel south along the magnetic field lines resulting in a trail of electron precipitation, NO2 production and an ozone depletion anomaly.            ...read more
At HF frequencies, the broadcasting stations utilize powerful transmitters which can heat the ionosphere and change the temperature and the density. All these wave dissipations in the ionosphere could participate to the global warming of the Earth because the change in global temperature increases the number of natural lightning discharges in the atmosphere. Then the supplementary lightning discharges produce more magnetospheric whistlers which could produce heating and ionization in the lower ionosphere.
Furthermore, it is a feedback mechanism because two different processes could be involved. First, lightning is a source of NOx, and NOx affects the concentration of ozone in the atmosphere which contributes to the greenhouse effect. Second, precipitation of energetic electrons by man?made waves may trigger other lightning discharges.
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The Next Ozone Anomoly comes on June 12th 2009!!

As the US switches to digital, the largest emitter of electromagnetic radiation will down shift it's power, which is likely to cause ripples in the stratospheric ozone and climate system.   

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Welcome to a revolutionary perspective on climate change where 
we take a fresh look at how broadcast effects our environment and look at the facts with a clear mind and a new perspective. Within this website we consider how broadcast energy interacts electrically with the ionosphere, which translates to a chemical reaction resulting in 
the depletion of global and polar ozone. 
Broadcast Theory compiles scientific data going back over 30 years and traces the path of energy from the broadcast transmitter to its effects on ozone depletion through electron precipitation. It takes into consideration the most recent studies that different frequencies have on electron precipitation and combines the physics of this process with historic broadcast and weather records to show how broadcast frequencies may contribute to climate change though                     ozone depletion.