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Relativistic Electron Precipitation
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Whitehaven, Cambria UK : October 17th Digital swithed ON
The beginning of the analog switch to digital broadcast in the UK caused plasma waves that travelled south along the magnetic field lines resulting in a trail of electron precipitation, NO2 production and ozone depletion. I knew that if  Broadcast Theory was really happening I would likely see an anomaly appear...It did! One day later on the 18th and took about a 13 days to travel around the southern polar vortex into full formation in the Pacific Ocean.

For more information on the digital switch and all the countries involved see here:

There are many countries that have begun the switch to digital which makes for a turbulent ozone layer. In fact the hole in the Antarctic stratosphere are the 5th largest ever despite lowering levels of CFC Countries like the US and the UK are the most important because they use far more broadcast than other countries. UK also broadcasts all analogue television signals using Long Wave FM for sound. LW FM was found to be a sensitive frequency in 1947 by Kenneth Norton FCC engineer, who used data from the Department of Defense with broadcast radio tests to determine FCC allocation of the frequency spectrum at the time.

In the NEWS: Digital television switch delayed by U.S. Senate? Not Really!

"Old analog television owners may have more time to either buy a digital television or purchase the proper digital converter in order to make the mandatory nationwide shift from analog to digital broadcast.
The U.S. Senate was introduced to a bill Thursday to delay the original Feb. 17, 2008, deadline by 30 days for television to shut down analog broadcast and switch exclusively to digital."

Reading the Feedback:

Anonymous (November 24, 2008 @ 12:12am):
During the new 30-day period, the bill only allows for broadcasting emergency information and information about switching to a digital signal. So even if this passes the House, it won't let old TV owners "have more time," and it will affect basically nobody. I'm not sure why you thought this was actually important, or why you didn't bother to read the bill itself, which is about 1 page long.

Anonymous (November 24, 2008 @ 2:46am):
what a misleading headline! The Senate hasn't delayed anything -- someone introduced a bill, big deal.
Mid - October  La Nina Persists
“The tropical Pacific Ocean remains in the grips of a cool La Niña, as shown by new data of sea-level heights from mid-October of 2007, collected by the U.S-French Jason altimetric satellite. This La Niña, which has slowly strengthened for the past nine months.” (quoted from the NASA article)
The Path of Energy
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