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[the ionosphere] "It is irradiated by the electromagnetic waves from the tens of thousands of broadcast, TV, utility and radar stations that are in use on the surface on the Earth. The radiated powers from the more powerful of these stations range from a few hundred kilowatts to a few megawatts. The handful of research radio facilities that use radio waves for studying the environment use the same type of transmitters with the same powers, but are so few that they contribute negligibly to the total man-made radiation"
"Experimental results from three ionospheric HF pumping experiments in overdense E or F regions are summarized....It is suggested that two populations of charged particles are at play. One of them is the runaway population of electrons and ions from the ionosphere caused by the effects of the powerful HF radio wave. The other is the population of electrons that precipitate from the magnetosphere. It is shown that the hydrodynamical equilibrium was disrupted due to the effects of the HF pumping."
"Raining" Electrons Contribute To Ozone Destruction"
      First-time evidence shows electrons precipitating or 'raining' from Earth’s magnetosphere are destroying ozone in the upper atmosphere.                    Click & go
This is the latest from the Swedish Institute for Space Physics World leaders in Ionosphere research
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Broadcast radio waves can contribute to climate change in 3 ways

1   Direct heating :  A specific frequency in the AM broadcast band         (1.45MHz) heats the ionosphere and causes electron precipitation
2   Ozone Depletion :   Broadcast induced electron showers    
       increase lightning & produce NO2 in the polar & equatorial regions 
       this depletes ozone as much as CFC's or solar proton events, yet
       more constantly

3   CO2The power used by transmitters generate air pollution            Although CO2 has not been proven to contribute to a global rise            in temperature
The most Comprehensive Guide to Climate Change
Welcome as we consider all major climate variables and not just the popular ones
   Top reasons to consider Broadcast over CO2 as the main     
   driver for climate change

1.There are ONLY two major forms of pollution that we put into the atmosphere : air and radio pollution. Of those two only air pollution is considered as a cause.

2.We have no proof for CO2 or CFC’s, these are theories that weakened in the last decade, but we have proof  that radio waves stimulate a known ozone depletion mechanism and we can test it again and again.
And we do. It’s happening right now especially in the northern hemisphere where the temperature is rising. USA is the largest radio polluter in the world. 

3.Of the three major forms of ozone depletion the IPCC only bases policy on one of them…air pollution. Solar variance can’t be accurately measured and electron precipitation isn’t even mentioned.

4.Electron precipitation can cause as much ozone depletion as CFC’s, and even though CFC's have been declining since 2000, the ozone hole was the largest ever in October of 2006. This leaves us to consider that perhaps CFC’s aren’t the cause. Electron precipitation is not declining.

5.The path of energy can be verified by science and the input is there, AM broadcast 1.45 MHz : gyrofrequency. (See Broadcast Theory)

6.If you look at the effects that the frequencies we use have on the environment and match those effects with the historic dates in which that technology came on, you will see a pattern in the global temperature anomalies graph.

7.In the late 1940’s the temperature took a major down fall for about five years or so and at that time both CO2 and solar variance were on the rise. . During this time the largest shift in human broadcast frequency propagation occurred, as television came on it suppressed the path of energy allowing the ozone layer to repair and the temperature dropped.

8.This shift in 1946/47 can also been seen in the weather patterns and ocean oscillation cycles as an increase in ocean level and precipitation/snow. (See 'Winter of 1946/47')

9.I’ve found high power broadcast transmitters by reading NO2 signatures from NASAs OMI satellite map. There are three of them in little Walnut California in the same area with a total ERP of 30MW! This generates a perfectly round spot of NO2 that is clearly visible in the satellite map.

10.I predicted an ozone anomaly resulting from the October 17th UK digital switch ON, it did occur. (See 'Watch It ! )

11.This theory answers many questions that scientists have pondered: 155 day boiling of the suns photosphere, NLC clouds forming in deposition areas of WEP, global temperature rise, La Nina persists, and more

Note: Although I don't believe CO2 can cause a significant rise in global temperature, I don't like air pollution and feel that the IPCC is doing good, but for the wrong reasons. I am looking for brilliant minds who are ready to make a real difference in the world, not armchair skeptics
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